Bdp: A Quest for the Artistc Fire

The Artistic Travels of an Illustrator


Ah, being at home you get bored and decide “What does Kirk look like in the GTA video game art style?”. Now I know.

Just playing around in the Sean “Cheeks” Galloway Style. Took a couple of sketches to get the feel, then got it to this point. Not bad for a first try.

Full process for a recent work. This is planned on being a print for Emerald City Comic Convention from Manga Studio. So stop by the booth and say hi!

100% Manga Studio EX 5 and Cintiq.

Commission for story set in the Judge Dredd Universe.

Ok, so I am painting now, using the previous image as a starting point. This image is being done ENTIRELY in Manga Studio EX5, my FAVORITE art program by far. Been LOVING the painting tools and hopefully I won’t mess it all up.

Playing around with something for a possible calendar or building these in Photoshop to work out the details, then re-create them on canvas in acrylics.


2nd in the Joe Mad! Battle Chasers series. If he posts a Garrison piece or anything else BC, I’ll be on it.

Coloring up some Joe Mad! pencils. So FUN!!!