Commission for story set in the Judge Dredd Universe.
My next Webinar with Wacom featuring Manga Studio 5 Hangin’ on my 24HD Cintiq and doin’ some drawin’!

My next Webinar with Wacom featuring Manga Studio 5

Ok, so I am painting now, using the previous image as a starting point. This image is being done ENTIRELY in Manga Studio EX5, my FAVORITE art program by far. Been LOVING the painting tools and hopefully I won’t mess it all up.
Playing around with something for a possible calendar or building these in Photoshop to work out the details, then re-create them on canvas in acrylics. Thoughts?
Armored Space Girl Process01 by billydallaspatton
New post on DeviantArt. Some purely personal, just for fun, not getting paid to do it project. I should do this more.
2nd in the Joe Mad! Battle Chasers series. If he posts a Garrison piece or anything else BC, I’ll be on it.
Coloring up some Joe Mad! pencils. So FUN!!!
Some quick coloring over the lines of one of comic books’s living gods: Arthur Adams. He inspired me as a kid and still does today.
#5 in Paint Over Series. J. Scott Campbell’s “Alice in Wonderland”.
7 or 8 hours in Photoshop.